Press Release - 10th January 2018

10th January 2018

Press Release – 10th January 2018

MRC Estate & Letting Agents are pleased to announce that they are now working with Activists For Love, Hull and community project Raise the Roof to improve the situation for a group of homeless people who are currently squatting in units 2-4 Baker Street, Hull. This property is owned by Mr Michael Culliney, Managing Director of MRC Estate & Letting Agents Ltd.

Michelle Clark, Operations Director at MRC said “Together with Raise the Roof and Activists For Love, Hull, we wanted to help and support the homeless residing at our Baker Street property. I came up with the idea after visiting the squat last week and putting my head together with Raise the Roof and Activists for Love, Hull and believe we have created a unique package which we are sure will benefit these people who are in desperate need. Our exciting business plans to turn Baker Street into our new Head Offices will ensure that MRC is able to continue to invest in the City of Hull and the people within it. 

We have put forward an ambitious plan to house some of them within a large property sourced by MRC. Raise the Roof and it’s Trustees have agreed to rent this property and together with Activists for Love, Hull have pledged to continue providing care and support to those who have committed themselves to becoming drug and alcohol free. We have been informed that within the squat environment, a family unit has formed giving mutual aid and support to each other and we are sure that this will be replicated within the house and will help the transition into independent living.” 

MRC, Raise the Roof and Activists for Love, Hull are very excited with this positive outcome and are hopeful that this unique situation will be the start of their road to recovery. 
MRC will be ensuring the property is compliant with all current legal requirements prior to handing the property over to Raise the Roof, who will then be redecorating and furnishing the property with the assistance of Activists for Love, Hull in readiness for the tenants to move in. 

Baker Street - Press release 5th January 2018

5th January 2018

Press release

The police contacted MRC on Tuesday about a local activist group called ‘Activists for love Hull’.  The group had taken up squatters’ possession of our property on Baker Street in Hull, which was imminently due to be refurbished and converted into our new Head Office, ready for a summer opening.

After receiving this update and further information that there were homeless people living within the building, we wanted to go down to the site to personally meet and speak to them.  Following our meeting with them we realised that around 10 genuinely homeless individuals required not only accommodation, but also a wide range of additional support services to prevent them ending up in a similar situation in the future.

We agreed to go back later in the day with the necessary paperwork and spoke with the relevant supportive organisations, taking the details of all the individuals who were in genuine need of help and ensuring their details were processed with the aim of finding suitable accommodation as quickly as possible.

At MRC we manage a substantial amount of property within Hull and a percentage of these are social housing for people requiring additional support.  Our experience has taught us that unless these people receive the appropriate help they require they are at high risk of returning to their previous situation.  Therefore, as a responsible local business, we are keen to assist those in need and improve the status of our city which will not happen if situations such as this are left unresolved and allowed to continue.

We purchased this property a year ago, after it had been left vacant for approximately 20 years.  We have had numerous plans drawn up and redrawn before we were able to obtain full planning permission.  Following the recent installation of water and electricity to the property, we have finally reached the stage where we can begin the necessary refurbishment.

Tenders had only recently been sent out and we have just approved a design company to put forward their design plans for the offices, so this has been an unexpected situation for us.  However, we are keen to ensure the necessary help is provided to the people who find themselves in this unfortunately position within our community and we will continue to lend our support and commitment to homeless causes within the city as we have always done.

Press Release - 15th February 2018

15th February 2018

MRC Estate & Lettings Agents Ltd are pleased to announce that Activists For Love, Hull have handed back the Baker Street building which is to become our new head offices.


Activists For Love, Hull have cleared and cleaned the building prior to handing possession back to MRC, leaving it in the same condition they found it in, as agreed.


Whilst we don't condone squatting in commercial buildings, which are not fit for residential use, we also recognise there is an issue with homelessness not only in Hull but nationwide. MRC could have applied for a court order to claim back possession of the building, this would have been a far quicker route to take, but a decision was made to immediately deal with the more important issue of homelessness. MRC do not believe anyone should be homeless in 2018 so we set about working with Activists for Love, Hull, Humbercare, Raise the Roof Hull Homeless Project and other local charities. Our aim was to find those committed to moving forward with their lives access to treatment programmes and to ensure the support packages to help them achieve their goals of living drug and alcohol free lives were in place. We all recognised this could never be achieved living on the cold, hard streets of Hull but could only happen within the stable and safe environment of their own homes. Being letting agents we were able to provide the necessary accommodation or houses, all we needed was someone who could supply the support packages. MRC are pleased to announce they did successfully obtain housing offers for the 10 people in the squat, and ensured the necessary support packages were in place. Michelle Clark, Operations Director for MRC, will continue working with, and monitoring the journey of, the people MRC have housed, alongside the charities and organisations which are providing them with support.


Michelle is scheduled to meet with Nikki Osbourne, Unison and Emma Hardy, MP to discuss strategies for dealing with the homeless situation in Hull.


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